Picking Out a Gift With Kids


Who can pick out flowers? Anyone! Sometimes when you're shopping for gifts for your significant other, you you choose to leave the kids at home. Shopping with kids can be stressful and sometimes it seems easier to grab the gift without their input, we know. However at Conroy's Flowers Canoga Park, we think that kids make the best gift choosers! The next time it’s your spouse’s or family member's birthday or for Christmas, try letting your children pick out their gift! It will be more meaningful knowing that your child loves it as much as you do. Anyone can buy flowers, especially children; and we have many bouquets children will love to choose from! The Honey Bee is filled with bright yellow cushion poms arranged to look like a happy little honey bee, which kids are sure to love. The Froggy Flower Pail is another kid-favorite. It's crafted with green and white daisy poms formed together to look like a joyful, festive floral frog! Letting the kids pick out a flower arrangement as a gift is a great idea and is sure to be a fun shopping trip. They will feel so proud that they could buy the flower arrangement gift; and your honey will appreciate it so much coming from the kids. Double score! Anyone can buy flowers, and they are an amazing gift to give so keep this in mind for your next gift purchase! Ready to pick out the best gift? Bring the kids by Conroy's Flowers Canoga Park in Canoga Park, CA and we'll help them pick out the perfect design!

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