Pumpkin Inspired Floral Arrangements



Autumn is here! Our favorite season has arrived here in Canoga Park, CA! The season characterized with beautiful rich colors, changing scenery and … PUMPKINS! At Conroy's Flowers Canoga Park we want to share with you pumpkin inspired floral arrangements. A signature Autumn staple is a big (or small) orange pumpkin, who make their appearance as soon as the season changes. We are looking forward to this change in the weather that brings us all indoors to spend time with our family and friends. Comforting time, we spend around the fire or around the dinner table sharing smiles and laughs. Fall Décor is cozy and warm, with colors like rustic oranges, reds, and browns that remind us of the leaves as they change colors.

We are pumpkin crazy here at Conroy's Flowers Canoga Park, pumpkins are used for many things this season, decorations for your home, fillings for our sweetest pumpkin pie, and fun for the smallest members of our family as you visit pumpkin patches to pick the perfect one. Thinking about grabbing your coziest sweaters, baking some cookies and warming up with some apple cider are some of the fondest memory of fall.

Conroy's Flowers Canoga Park has an assortment of fall arrangements perfect for Halloween, Thanksgiving or just to decorating your home for the season. When decorating your home for the changing season, try a festive pumpkin inspired floral centerpiece.

These pumpkin inspired floral arrangements would be great during thanksgiving as a centerpiece or on the mantle. Maybe try a mono-botanical bouquet with fresh roses like our Autumn Sunset that mimics a plump orange pumpkin, this arrangement is perfect because you can use this arrangement as decoration in your home or as a gift for a special friend who loves fall as much as you do. With its rich red, orange and bronze roses, this bouquet is simply breathtaking as the colors work complement each other. Because this bouquet is only made up of similar colors it is simple yet reminiscence of all the radiant colors of fall.

Another really amazing pumpkin inspired arrangement is actually in a pumpkin! When looking for a pumpkin inspired arrangement what else is better than having an actual pumpkin like our Pumpkin Petals arrangement. Not only is this bouquet great because it’s in an artisan-style ceramic pumpkin, but it also features colorful flowers, with hot pink, purple, orange and green blooms which means its sure to stand out. It also has glittering metal gold leaves that complement the warm fall colors, plus the canister is reusable! Double Score!

Our Pumpkin Spice arrangement is not only is inspired by a pumpkin but it smells amazing too, sure to make any space better with amazing notes of cinnamon and spice. Another really hot trend in flower arrangements is mono-chromatic arrangements, these types of arrangements feature the same color flower thorough the bouquet.

Did you know that pumpkins where a fruit? A little history about pumpkins is that they are traditionally harvested during the fall months, Native Americans used them for a number things from haircuts to snake bite ointment. They are a type of gourd, a family that includes fruits like honeydew melon, cantaloupes and even cucumbers! Pumpkins are about 90 percent water, which means they are good for you too!

Pumpkins and fall go hand in hand, to help your home or office get that extra fall feeling try ordering a beautiful pumpkin inspired arrangement. These arrangements can help your home look and feel like a festive pumpkin patch. Check out our website for more pumpkin inspired floral arrangements, fall is only here once a year!

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